5 Most questions that are common High School Seniors throughout the Holidays

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5 Most <span id="more-13419"></span>questions that are common High School Seniors throughout the Holidays

It is the many happiest time of the season, right? The holiday season are great for catching up with friends and until you physically cannot any longer. Being a school that is high you need to also prepare for the barrage of concerns you will probably face regarding the future university plans. Don’t allow these questions catch you by surprise. Continue reading to find the types out of concerns friends and families love to ask over the breaks.

1. Just How are those university applications coming along? Are you all done?

Ideally, your response is a yes that are relieved! I constantly recommend that students complete their apps before the holidays to ensure they can actually enjoy their break. But do not worry if you’re not done as of this time. The crucial thing is that you turn them in before the due date.

2. What colleges have you been applying to? Why aren’t you applying to xyz school?

School pride is just a great thing, but don’t ever let some body pressure you into applying to a college just because they went there (even Uncle Tim). Colleges come in all sizes and locations, and one size surely does perhaps not fit all. Research your facts, and stick to a list which makes sense for you.

3. What exactly are you likely to study?

The short response is you do not know yet. Even in the event that you’ve been admitted already the odds are fairly likely you will alter the mind, maybe even before starting college. Like the question that is previous buddies and family members like to weigh in when it comes down to what you should do with your life. While advice are great, be sure to discover the best fit for you.

4. Exactly what are you going to complete with that degree?

Keeping using the theme that family and friends always thinking they know best, you should never let someone make you feel bad about what you would like to pursue. Aren’t getting me incorrect, it is important to have a have plan and set goals, but you will likely be more successful you actually enjoy if you pursue something.

5. Did you hear so and so got in early to…?

This is 2015. With social media marketing, everyone else typically knows each other’s university choices minutes after their peers are notified. Do not let college decisions get under your skin or cause a riff between your buddies. Classmates will inevitably boast or gloat, but don’t let you be caused by it to lose your cool.

Mythbuster: i am interested in Business, but I’m applying as Undecided because that gives me a better shot at Admission

The Myth: It’s easier to get in as undecided than a significant in a school that is professional.

The Verdict: Not at USC.

Of all of the myths we’ll talk about this 12 months, I’m pretty sure this is the one I face the most as an admission professional. I’ve lost count of exactly how many students come up to me after an event or high college visit and say something like, ‘The opportunities within the Marshall class of Business are amazing. We want to study business at USC, but I’m thinking of applying as undecided since Marshall is super competitive.’

Yes, Marshall is competitive. So are engineering, communication, music, undecided, and every major at USC. The general admission process is highly selective, and students won’t be at an advantage if they apply undecided. In fact, it is in students’s best interest to apply for their major of choice they want to study in college if they know what. Students at USC begin within their major right away and are able to take advantage of their program’s resources in their very semester that is first campus.

The USC Writing Supplement on the Common Application permits students to list a first and second choice major. Students will always shmoop writing service be considered for their choice that is top first and if a student is perhaps not found a fit for that major, they will be viewed for their 2nd choice major as well as undecided. We evaluate a student’s complement all appropriate options when applications that are reviewing.

Some majors do like to see preparation and fit for major. For example, students deciding on business must have four years of strong school math that is high. Engineering and science applicants need four years of strong math and science. This doesn’t make admission to these majors any harder or easier for a student that is particular it just means we are looking for additional techniques a pupil are going to be a complement their used major. The six visual and art that is performing are looking music artists that are willing and eager to expand their existing talents. The quantity of applicants for these art programs coupled with the subjective review procedure may make admission to the art programs competitive, but it wouldn’t be any easier for a student to get into an art system at a subsequent time if they originally had been admitted to USC as another major.

I think the explanation why this discussion even takes place is basically because students really desires to get into USC and will do whatever needs doing to increase their possibilities. My advice is to the main that interests you. It’ll permit you to answer our questions with passion and excitement, which will surely help us figure out your complement your major and for USC.

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